Environmental Sustainability

Programs that prioritize the quality of products and the reduction of impacts on the Environment are constantly thought and developed in the company. Complying with environmental legislation and, when possible, anticipating it, is a premise that generates innovations and ensures the sustainability of the business. All the group's activities are monitored and controlled in accordance with current legislation and specific programs for sustainable development.

The proper destination of industrial waste, the monitoring of water quality, the reuse of industrial water, the reduction and control of gas emissions, the Molecular Sieve, a technology used in the production of Anhydrous Alcohol that eliminates the use of polluting chemicals, as well as the conservation of soil and water resources, the reduction of atmospheric emissions, the rational use of pesticides, and biological control, are among the actions prioritized in the company's agricultural activities.


The guarantee of quality of life on our planet is directly linked to forest preservation. Among several factors, forests directly influence the climate, 

air temperature, quality and humidity.The conservation of natural resources ensures that industries to maintain their activities and that cities 

continue to offer the population quality of life.

Therefore, BALMTA Ethanol has already recovered around 900

hectares of Permanent Preservation Areas (PPAs) of

all owned properties and some properties operated

in an agricultural partnership regime.

In this sense, the company planted more than 900,000 seedlings, between native and other species, in areas of Our Production Plant


It is the vegetation formation located on the banks of streams, rivers, streams, lakes, dams and springs. The preservation is essential to protect springs and conserve biodiversity.

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